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Ibegan my journey into interiors by first creating the lane that I would travel through it on. 

To be taken seriously, I pursued my degree in Interior Design at the Art Institutes of Houston where I received my bachelors in Interior Design. Back then it was still located on York St in a commercial lot between the Galleria Mall and San Felipe in Houston TX. One of my strongest skills in is my ability to see things in place before they are there, my vision. I've always had it but as a kid I never knew what to do with besides sketching, which I was really good at. My love for people allows me to be personal with my clients to understand exactly what they desire for their homes and offices. Growing up I never knew that Interior Design was something people did a profession. My ability to curate a space comes from my mother, who passed away when I was a child. She was the home maker and I was her personal helper. After she passed I joined the US Navy where I met my wife of 20 years and served 8 phenomenal years. Did I tell you that I went to bootcamp on September 11th 2001?

Yes I was sent off with the rest of my comrades that very morning it happened. Ask me to tell you more about it later in detail.

The navy honed my leadership skills into the project manager and general contractor that I am today. Everyone of my life experiences is applied in my business and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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