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The ones you have for me & the ones I have for you


  • The budget is a cost-effective financial plan of the project resources needed to carry out the activities. It shows what will be done, how much money will be spent and where.

  • Do you have an actual budget or just some money that you have available to spend on this project


The most valuable thing you can bring to the design consultation is images,  fabric samples, and an open mind.

I'm going to push you to visualize things you've never thought or seen before.

This is what I do.

Your inspiration sets the tone for me for the project.

My inspiration is always set on the most timeless and tasteful elements for your project.


I know you've pondered about your project and you've pondered about me as well, yeah I know lol

and I have some questions for you also , yep I'm skeptical yet optimistic about working with you too. lol


I'm here to eductate you on what you need versus what needs to be done to accomplish your goals.

Understanding that is sophistication in itself. 

Knowing that you called me for a specific reason and allowing me to deliver it.

Utmost Commitment

The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

My cause is you and your project

Your cause is me and vision 

Nothing is more important than your project to me, I ensure my utmost attention and focus on your project. I ask that your utmost attention be focused on AAiD

I expect each of my clients to commit to their projects from start date to completion to ensure the full

"MAGAZINE STATUS" design experience

Duties as your designer

  • Define the scope of the project

  • Determine your needs to define stages, timelines and budgets

  • Clarify the requirements or purpose of the project

  • Clarify the process, stages in order to complete the project in full

  • Feasibility studies to see if a project is worthwhile

  • Layout and space planning

  • Kitchen and bathroom design

  • Costing and estimating

  • Hiring of contractors

Are you ready?

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