What are your goals for this project?


Have you considered a realistic budget for this project?

Which stage of "Making this happen" are you in?

Is this a new construction or existing property?

What exactly do you want to accomplish with this project?


Are you prepping to sell your home in the near future? 3-5 years

Which space is it?
How many spaces are we working on in this project?

Are you a “ home body “  that is always at home or are you almost never at home?
Who lives with you? How many people?


Do you have children?
Do you have any pets that we should consider designing for?
What will be new ?

 ● Furniture?  ● Accessories?  ● Lighting?


What will we keep?
 ● Furniture?  ● Accessories?  ● Lighting?

Can you show me some examples of designs that you are in love with personally? 
How will this project be financed? 

Interior Design projects sometimes require 

"Cushion" for unaccounted events like electrical wiring needing to be replaced or plumbing.  That's money set aside for  things like that. Are you prepared for that in the event that something like that occurs?


Are you open to allowing me to take the lead on this project?


How involved would you like to be during this project?




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 Submit your  Full name and phone number that I can easily reach you along with your answers to this questionnaire and I will contact you as soon as possible. 

I look forward to assisting you with your project!