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Luxe bachelor pad master bedroom
Luxe bachelor pad master bedroom
Styled Master bathroom
The mixing of warm and cool
Gold chain tie backs
Wine room
Gris Y Oro Wine Room
Conversation piece end table
Luxe wine room
Living room seating
Kitchen counter height stools
Over sized island penants
Gris Y Oro Wallpaper Ceiling in Wineroom
Gris Y Oro entry
Gris Y Oro living
Gris Y Oro wall art and bench
Downtown bachelorpad project
Downtown bachelorpad project living
Bachelorpad project wall art collage
Bachelorpad project wall art collage
Awesome view
Market Square Tower #MarketSquareTower
Home Decor
Home Decor
Shelving decor curation
Shelving decor curation
Deer Park Masterbathroom Remodel
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Deer Park Masterbathroom Rem
Deer Park Masterbathroom Remode
Deer Park Masterbathroom Remode
Deer Park Masterbathroom Remode
Deer Park Masterbathroom Rem
Deer Park Masterbathroom Remode
Deer Park Master Shower Wall
Deer Park Kitchen Backsplash
Deer Park Kitchen Island
full kitchen11
Sofa close up
Pillows closeup
Horse radish Velvet Pillow West Elm
Dresser decor2
Dresser decor perspective
Close up
Bed Pillows and wall decor
Missouri City Bathroom
Missouri City  Bathremodel
6Missouri City Bathremodel
3Missouri City Bathremodel
Lake Olympia Masterbathroom Makeover
Lake Olympia Masterbathroom Makeover
Lake Olympia Masterbathroom Makeover
Lake Olympia Masterbathroom Makeover
Lake Olympia Masterbathroom Makeover


Gorgeous goods 


by AAiD



Metallic "Toss" Pillow Collection

22x22 inch high quality fabric pillow covers with down fill inserts




Helpful Advice for Remodeling Your Bathroom

by Ray Flynn

Bathrooms are some of the most commonly used rooms in the entire home. Despite their frequent use, however, many people neglect their bathrooms save for a biweekly cleaning. This combination can leave the bathrooms feeling and smelling unpleasant. If you’ve just moved into a new place or are hoping to breathe new life into an old home, a thoughtful remodeling can work wonders for your bathroom. Here is some helpful advice for anyone taking on a challenging bathroom renovation in the near future.


Set a Reasonable Budget Beforehand 


Everyone has an idea of what their dream bathroom would look like, but some people might be limited by their budgets. After all, the last thing you want to do is dive headfirst into an expensive renovation just to realize that you can’t afford to finish it. To avoid this catastrophe, you should set a reasonable budget beforehand. With this information, you’ll know exactly what you can spend to maximize your remodeling project.


Start by considering your available funds and compare those with a rough estimate for the cost of your renovation. Don’t forget there is a stark difference between luxury and economic projects. For example, a new shower door could set you back a manageable $250, but a luxury model could cost more than $1,000. Countertops are another good example. You can get an economical model for a few hundred or something luxurious for thousands of dollars.

If you’re lacking in funds, there are options. You can take out a personal loan or opt to refinance your home. The latter can be more beneficial since a refinance not only allows you to pull out equity in your home for improvements, but it can also mean a lower monthly payment. The next step here is to determine how much equity you have in your home, then shop around for lenders and interest rates.  


Focus on Items with the Best ROI


ROI isn’t only helpful when measuring monetary return; it’s also a great tool for judging the benefit of any investment. When it comes to renovating your bathroom, focusing on the fixtures and furnishings with a higher ROI will get you more for less. Since you can’t measure any income from your bathroom, you’ll have to judge the return in terms of aesthetics — in other words, how good your bathroom looks after the change. 


Using this heuristic, you’ll want to focus on the adornments and items in your bathroom that bring about the best changes for a relatively minimal cost. Things like faucets, wall color, lighting fixtures, and cabinets will give you a large ROI due to their low cost and large impact on the feel of your bathroom. More expensive changes like a new bathtub or tile floor will have a smaller ROI because of their relatively higher cost.


Choose Wisely Between DIY and Hiring a Professional 


Unless you’re a professional contractor, you’ll have to outsource some of the remodeling work on your bathroom. And with a bathroom remodel, you probably should consider bringing in an interior designer who can see your vision and make it a reality. The trick to getting the most out of a renovation is knowing when to tackle a project yourself and when to hire a professional. When you handle projects on your own, you’ll be saving a significant amount of money. However, pros are needed to handle the larger and more significant aspects of design and renovation that are too specialized for the average person. The extra cost is worth the convenience and reassurance that everything is being done professionally. 


If you’re tired of using an outdated and grimy bathroom every day, you should consider an in-depth renovation. With the right tactics, you can transform your bathroom into an inviting and relaxing space. Following this advice will help you achieve this goal without breaking the bank. 

Photo Credit: Pexels

Two types of interior design consultations



"Release full creative freedom to me"

The other consultation type can be for several rooms or the entire home. 

In this type of consultation, designers create mood boards, take measurements and presentation ideas that draw on everything I learned in design school and practice that may apply to your project's scope of work.


The first is a request for specific things such as paint wall color or lighting, tile, bathroom fixtures, equipment, furntiture etc. 

"Pick my brain, take notes and diy it"


Client Questionnaire



What are your goals for this project?

When are you looking to get this project started?


Have you considered a realistic budget for this project?

Which stage of "Making this happen" are you in?

Is this a new construction or existing property?

What exactly do you want to accomplish with this project?

What type of look and feel are you trying to achieve ?


Are you prepping to sell your home in the near future? 3-5 years

Which space or spaces are we working on?
How many spaces are we working on in this project?

Are you a “ home body “  that is always at home or are you almost never at home?
Who lives with you? How many people?


Do you have children?
Do you have any pets that we should consider designing for?
What will be new ?

 ● Furniture?  ● Accessories?  ● Lighting?


What will is stayinh?
 ● Furniture?  ● Accessories?  ● Lighting?

Can you show me some examples of designs that you are in love with personally? 

At least 3 
Will you be seeking financing for this project?

Interior Design projects sometimes require 

"Cushion" for unaccounted events like electrical wiring needing to be replaced or plumbing.  That's money set aside for  things like that. Are you prepared for that in the event that something like that occurs?


Are you open to allowing me to take the lead on this project?


How involved would you like to be during this project?




     Send all interior styling requests to                                                     ​
 Submit your  Full name and phone number that I can easily reach you along with your answers to this questionnaire and I will contact you as soon as possible. 

I look forward to assisting you with your project!

project in progress

The Flyest

Lady Cave Project


Lady Cave Living
Lady Cave livin room window
Lady Cave bar cart
Lady Cave Breakfast nook

Located in Houston's Historic 3rd Ward area. This 1940's full service, 2 story project has been the absolute most fun that AAiD has experienced to date. Utilizing nearly every primary color from the Crayola box we are almost complete with the vivid mix of spaces for this soon to retire "ladypreneur"client. The client informed me that she wanted to live her best life and didn't want to be tied down to only one particular style or look so I was tasked with focusing on studying color in depth to make this work. 

Over the top glamour from the top of the house to the bottom.

Check out aaid18's Instagram stories for more in between progress shots.


"Verde Boojee"


After you are done staring at the gold metallic ceiling please continue reading.

The black walls are painted in Limousine Leather by Behr Paint and the ceiling is from PPG Metallics line of paints.

The client asked for a space that felt like a downtown New York luxury hotel, a space that was both dark and soothing to the eyes even on a bright Saturday morning.

Local artists took two weeks to complete the 9 ft tufted headboard draped in crushed gold velvet. We await two more items for total completion of this space and it's on to phase two of this full service project. 

"Luxury Flip"

New home improvement show with a twist, hosted by the owner of AAiD!


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